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In This & That on June 14, 2011 at 2:19 am

Having trouble with birds nesting in places other than your trees?  Try a rubber snake.  No kidding, it works.  I have over twenty testimonials on using rubber snakes to keep birds from unwanted places.

  1. I had a problem with birds perching on the sill of my front door. They were not building a nest, just resting I assume. The bad part….they would dive bomb us as we tried to go in or out our door. I felt captive to my house. I asked around as what I could do about the situation and I was told the same thing over and over, spikes. I didn’t want to hurt the birds, just keep them away (and to never come back). Then I read your blog. I thought no way but hey it’s cheaper and safer than spikes so what could it hurt. I bought my snake for 99 cents and I haven’t seen a bird since.

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