Risks of Eating Alone

In This & That on June 25, 2011 at 3:14 am

Eating alone isn’t easy but it can be especially difficult for seniors. Your social life may have changed, you may have physical limitations that keep you inside, food may not taste as good as it used to or chewing and digestion may be difficult.

Eating alone can be mentally and physically unhealthy. When we eat alone we usually don’t eat as well as we would with a partner. We are probably used to cooking for someone else or used to having mealtime conversation. Unless we talk to ourselves, this stops when we eat alone.

Many of us end up not eating balanced meals, we fix things that are easy and quick (not necessaryily healthy) or we skip meals altogether. We also eat in front of the TV, this makes us less mindful of what we eat.

Eating improperly leads to a weakened immune system, loss of muscle and bone health and loss of weight. All of these factors can contribute to other issues like risk of falling and breaking bones. Poor nutrition can lead to depression.

Eating alone but eating right takes a conscious effort but nutritious foods will pay dividends in all parts of your life: more energy and feeling better about yourself for starters.

It is important to avoid some of these traps. Make eating special not mindless and routine. Vary your eating location, seniors can eat at a local senior living community or try Meals on Wheels. Eat at a friends or invite family or friends over for dinner. Most importantly, eat healthy!

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