You Are Never Too Old

In community on June 25, 2011 at 2:47 pm

TEXAS CITY, Texas – A 100-year-old Texas City woman graduated from high school on Friday night, a ceremony she says was years in the making.

“It took me 100 years, but I’m finally going to graduate,” said Thelma Dyess, who crossed the stage as honorary graduate during the Texas City High School graduation ceremony.

Dyess, who turned 100 on April 14, was forced to quit school in 8th grade during the Great Depression to help support her family.

“We had none of the extras that most people had,” she said. “We were considered poor.”

Considered poor in a world of poverty, Dyess landed a job as a telephone operator.

“I made $8 a week for six days of work. I thought I was rich, had a little cash,” said Dyess.

She kept the job for 45 years, but all the while she says something was missing.

“I could never say I graduated, and that was a real thorn in my flesh to think I didn’t have that diploma,” Dyess said.

Now, with diploma in hand, Dyess says her learning came not so much from the books, but from the sacrifices made and life lessons learned along the way.

“Oh, I’ve learned lots in life. I don’t know of any lesson that’s bigger than the other, but have regard for other people,” she said.

Just remember, you are never too old to accomplish your dreams. Congrats Thelma!

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