Taking Care of Spot

In canine companionship, caregiving on January 8, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Most of us know that we’re not suppose to give our dogs chocolate but do you know why? There is a chemical called theobromine that dogs can not digest very quickly in chocolate. It can build up in their systems and become toxic. For smaller dogs, eating just one ounce of baking cocoa can result in vomiting, thirst, abnormal heart rhythm, seizures and even death. For a safe treat for our four legged friends try peanut butter.

A dog’s nose has 14 times more scent cells as a human’s. This is why it is important if you have something around the house your spot shouldn’t get into, make sure to put it in a place they don’t have access to…otherwise don’t be surprised if you walk in to find them with it.

Did you know dogs have chiropractors? The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association certifies animal chiropractors who treat skeletal alignment problems in not just dogs, but also in horses, cats, pigs, sheet and even reptiles. There are more than 1 thousand AVCA-certified professionals practicing in the United States. This gives new meaning to “animal cracker”!

The best exercise you can give your dog is a long walk. A one hour investment of your time will give you a well-behaved, tired spot who thinks you are the best! And who will be healthier, with a glossier coan and a better appetite. Bonus: you will get some exercise and fresh air too! Note: to avoid joint damage, never run a puppy (up to 9 months old) for more than 5 consecutive minutes.

And PLEASE remember to brush spots teeth! This is very important to their overall health!

Here’s to man’s and woman’s best friend!


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